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Vendor Max Midstream Texas has begun implementing an ESG program that will look to make the Matagorda Ship Channel expansion[1] one of the most environmentally-friendly port expansions in history

Houston, Texas—The Calhoun Port Authority today announced that the Congressionally-authorized Matagorda Ship Channel expansion will be constructed using an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) program with the intentions of making this project carbon neutral1.  The port expansion will enable a wide array of products to be shipped from the Port of Calhoun to the world, creating much needed local jobs and economic growth.  Max Midstream, a Houston-based energy company, is supporting the expansion of the port and is adopting and implementing a comprehensive ESG program to support these initiatives. 

“The Matagorda Ship Channel expansion is essential if we are going to grow our regional economy as it will allow us to export and import a significant number of goods and products that reach well beyond the traditional energy logistics that we do today,” said Port Director, Charles Hausmann.  “Today’s announcement ensures that not only will we build a bigger port and expansive product offering—ranging from fertilizer to construction material—but we will construct and operate it an environmentally-friendly and conscious way.  The ESG program that Max Midstream has been working on for months will support our endeavors to become a carbon neutral facility1.  One of the core objectives of the program is to promote a carbon neutral export facility, from construction, operations to exports1 and will look to be the first carbon neutral port in the country.  We are pushing the boundaries and making history. And we look forward to other ports following our lead.  We don’t have to choose between economic prosperity and environmental protection.  We can and should do both.  And at the Calhoun Port Authority, that’s exactly what we are doing.”

Details on the port’s ESG program will be released later this Fall.  For more information on the Calhoun Port Authority and this project, please visit:

[1] Hydrocarbons through Max Midstream Facilities