MAX Energy



Overall: our brand is Assets, Trading, and Culture.  Collectively, we see these items differentiating us in the market.  We are a new company prepared to be purpose-built and to tackle the challenges and opportunities of today.  That status will create opportunity, growth, and value for the enterprise.  In delivering strategic value to our customers and owners, our business consists of three strategic pillars being:

Mission Statement & Core Values

Max’s Vision:  To be better leaders in action for ESG solutions to help partners and customers reach their mandates by using our carbon neutral asset*. Max will use its new entrant status to consider ESG requirements across all business development activities.

Max’s Core Values & Relevance to Sustainability 

  • • Safety: Every employee and contractor will hold safety as their top priority.
  • • Customer Focus: Responding to our customers’ needs with timely solutions and quick adjustments to changes and other needs, is our calling      card. We listen to and understand our customers to develop powerful strategies to help our customers achieve their business objectives                through   creative solutions.
  • • Integrity and Excellence: We value open, transparent communication and hold all of our employees, contractors to a high standard of   excellence. Max Energy holds high standards in protecting the environment in which it operates.
  • • Commitment to our Communities: Max Energy will be a positive presence in the communities where we operate.

*For Hydrocarbons through Max Midstream’s Facilities