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MAX Energy ESG

We strive to be leaders in action for ESG solutions to help our partners and customers reach their mandates.  The business world is facing increased considerations for carbon intensity, social action, and corporate governance.  We see our new entrant status as a tremendous opportunity to consider these requirements in the development of our business.  We will look at opportunities to develop assets and provide market liquidity to bridge market gaps and create value for our customers and shareholders. 

We have engaged leading firms to help us in assessment and development of our ESG program and solutions

We are a Carbon-Neutral export facility on the US Gulf Coast.* We can also offer carbon offsets for our cargos through our facility, and we will look to invest in carbon free / generative industries and projects

Part of our asset development will look to include renewables (solar/wind), and broader social programs that can set Max apart, as a real leader in this space.

In support of our ESG initiatives and Program, Max Energy has joined the Energy Infrastructure Council (EIC) in late 2021 – 

Max has collaborated with Macquarie Group’s commodities and global markets division to offset its direct greenhouse gas emissions for scope 1 & 2:

  • A recent vintage carbon offsets project was chosen and retired on the Verra registry (VCS**) on Max’s behalf.
  • The retirement is sufficient to offset the emissions from all construction activities since inception and all emissions associated with crude logistics through Max’s pipeline and terminal operations for the following three years, based on projected through-put.
  • The arrangement also enables Max to provide carbon offsetting and lifecycle carbon accounting services to its customers, thus allowing its crude customers to offtake ‘carbon-neutral’ or ‘carbon offset’ crude from facilities.


* -For hydrocarbons through Max Midstream’s Edna and Seahawk Facilities / Pipelines (Scope 1 & 2 only)

**  Verra website –  Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is a certification standard for carbon projects and credits.  VCS does not oversee retail markets, nor does it certify or endorse any retailer or broker of VCUs